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By Linda P. Fried, The Atlantic – June 1, 2014
Adults 60 and older are now the fastest-growing segment of our population. How should we, as individuals and as a society, shape the trajectory of our longer lives?
By Marcia Kerz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed - May 21, 2014
Depression in older adults is not only widespread but “a serious public health concern,” the National Institute of Mental Health reports. Recent research suggests that as many as 15 percent of older adults — some 6.5 million Americans — suffer from this affliction.
By Chrissy Fitzpatrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to the Editor - May 10, 2014
As Youth Program Coordinator for the City of St. Charles School District, Chrissy discusses
changing habits, especially eating habits, which takes time. That’s why programs like the OASIS CATCH Healthy Habits program used in St. Charles School District's Project Read and Reach after-school program makes sense.
By Grant Reeher, Syracuse New Times -- May 1, 2014
America is right now in the midst of a big increase in the people who are 65 and older. Older adults are about 12 percent of the population, but they are using a proportionately larger percentage of the health care resources.
By Marcia Kerz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to the Editor - November 26, 2013
Examining the close relationship between poor education and high rates of crime and imprisonment. Cities across the country, including St. Louis, can either find ways to educate their children, or they
can expect them to be caught in a seemingly endless cycle of violence. OASIS' tutoring program is making a difference.

San Diego OASIS visits "Good Morning San Diego" on KUSI-TV
June 20, 2013
San Diego OASIS member Mary Lou Ruane and Executive Director Simona Valanciute were guests on the morning show.

CATCH Healthy Habits named to St. Louis Magazine's 2013 "A-List"
June 20, 2013
In the category of Health-Kids, CATCH Healthy Habits, OASIS' intergenerational nutrition/physical activity program was recognized by St. Louis Magazine.

An OASIS in the Digital Divide
By Megan Knapp, WebJunction - June 10, 2013
Libraries are partnering with OASIS to provide essential technology skills for older adults
Helping Seniors Learn New Technology
By Paula Span, The New York Times - May 3, 2013
OASIS' Connections technology training program was featured in this New York Times blog written by Paula Span, a regular writer for the publication's "The New Old Age."
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