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James Teufel, MPH, PhD

About Dr. Teufel:

OASIS Research Committee Member

Area of expertise: Public Health

Dr. Teufel is Assistant Professor of Public Health and Associate Director of the Institute for Public Health at Mercyhurst University. He is the former National Health and Evaluation Director of the OASIS Institute. He has published and presented on healthy aging, children’s health, medical-legal partnerships, health care, and intergenerational programs.  His current interests include program sustainability, social determinants of health, social engagement, physical activity, social isolation, and community integrated health systems.  He is a member of Society for Public Health Education, American Society on Aging, American Evaluation Association, American School Health Association, and Gerontological Society of America.


  • Kerz, M., Teufel, J. & Dinman, M. (in press). OASIS: A community-based model for successful aging.  Ageing International.
  • Werner, D., Teufel, J., Holtgrave, P. & Brown, S.L. (2012).  Active Generations: An intergenerational approach to preventing childhood obesity. Journal of School Health, 82, 380-386.
  • Teufel, J., Holtgrave, P., Dinman, M. & Werner, D. (2012). An intergenerational volunteer-led approach to healthy eating and active living: CATCH Healthy Habits. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 10, 179-183.
  • Teufel, J., Werner, D., Brown, S.L., Goffinet, D., Thorne, R..W. & Gettinger, L. (2012).  Sustainability and impact of a rural medical-legal partnership: A three-year follow-up study.  Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 23, 705-714.

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