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Linda S. Noelker, MA, PhD

About Dr. Noelker:

Senior Vice President and Director, Katz Policy Institute

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Adjunct Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Area of expertise: Social Gerontology

OASIS Research Committee Member

Linda S. Noelker, Ph.D., is a Senior Vice President and the Director of the Katz Policy Institute at the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.  She is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Gerontologist, has received a number of awards from gerontological associations and other organizations, and was recently inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame.  She has conducted research on the nature and effects of caregiving for frail older relatives, patterns of service use by older adults, job satisfaction and the training needs of direct care workers, and the health benefits of older adults’ participation in creative and performing arts programs.  


  • Noelker, L.S., Ejaz, F.K., Menne, H.L. & Bagaka’s, J.G. (2009).  Factors affecting frontline workers’ satisfaction with supervision. Journal of Aging and Health, 21(1), 85-101.
  • Castora-Binkley, M., Noelker, L. S., Prohaska, T., Satariano, W., (2010) Impact of arts participation on health outcomes for older adults, Journal of Aging, Humanities, and the Arts, 4(4), 352-367.  
  • Noelker, L.S., Ejaz, F.K., & Menne, H.L. (2008) Knowledge as empowerment: Improving nursing assistants’ education and training, in Empowered work teams in long term care: Strategies for improving outcomes for residents and staff, Yeatts, D. P, Noelker, L.S. & Cready, C.M. (Eds.), Health Professions Press, Baltimore, Maryland.

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