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Nancy A. Whitelaw, BA, MS, PhD

About Dr. Whitelaw:

Senior Fellow, National Council on Aging

President, Gerontological Society of America

Area of expertise: Healthy Aging

OASIS Research Committee Member

Dr. Nancy Whitelaw is founding Director and currently Senior Fellow in the Center for Healthy Aging at the National Council on Aging.  She is a nationally-recognized leader in the design and implementation of evidence-based health programs for older adults and in strengthening collaboration among aging services, public health and health care. 
Her work emphasizes the importance of prevention, self-management and person-centered care, moving beyond the traditional medical model and into community settings where older adults live and wish to stay. 
Dr. Whitelaw also co-directs the Practice Change Fellows Program, a major national initiative to develop strong leaders for health care and social service organizations serving older adults.


  • Whitelaw N.A. 2010. System Change and Organizational Capacity for Evidence-based Practice: Lessons from the Field. Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging; 34:43-50.
  • Whitelaw, N.A. 2009. Re-forming Health Care: It's About Health, Not Just Insurance 
  • Bryant, L.L., Altpeter, M., and Whitelaw, N.A. 2006. Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs for Older Adults: An Introduction. Journal of Applied Gerontology 25, 197-213.

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