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Veterans History Project

Veterans History Project Volunteers Needed!

OASIS is seeking volunteers as well as veterans for the Veterans History Project, an initiative of the Library of Congress to establish an online archive of veteran interviews.

For more information, please email VHP Coordinator Marcia Stevenson at or call OASIS at 505-884-4529.

The Veterans History Project (VHP) is a volunteer oral history project initiated by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress to establish an online archive of veteran interviews. The project collects and records experiences of American veterans. The veterans receive a copy of their testimony. Copies are sent to the Library of Congress and the New Mexico Veterans Memorial.

Albuquerque OASIS is the local partner for the VHP. OASIS interviewers are trained to record personal accounts from veterans of WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and the Afghanistan/Iraq conflicts. To date, OASIS has interviewed over 560 veterans and civilians who served in support of them.

If you are interested in this project, we offer the following volunteer opportunities:

  1. Interviewers: we will train OASIS members to interview veterans. Interviews are usually conducted in the veteran's home and with digital recorders. The commitment is 4-8 hours a month after the initial training.
  2. Veterans from the following eras who are interested in being interviewed: WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and Afganistan/Iraq wars.
Call us if you are interested in:
  • a presentation to your group
  • training as an interviewer
  • telling your story

Please contact OASIS at or (505) 884-4529.