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Stay Grounded for Life

Join us Sept 23-25 for free screenings to assess your risk of falls and and learn how to stand strong

In honor of National Fall Prevention Day OASIS is partnering with organizations around the St. Louis area to offer a series of screenings in five locations to help you stand strong.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014/Author: Janice Branham/Number of views (4156)/Comments (-)/
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"I always rejoice in the little accomplishments"

Tutor Carol Gabbert celebrates her students' success

When Carol Gabbert began tutoring 18 years ago, she had no idea how much it would impact her life. After years of working as a preschool teacher when her children were young, Carol wanted to try something different when a friend suggested she become an OASIS Intergenerational Tutor. She looks forward to each new year and the adventures that lie ahead.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014/Author: Jennifer Newcom/Number of views (3804)/Comments (-)/

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