Removing the language barrier translates to success with technology

Removing the language barrier translates to success with technology

As Laura Moreno keeps up with the times, she knocks down barriers for others to do the same.

Learning to use the computer has impacted every aspect of life for Laura Moreno, who has brought herself up to speed by taking OASIS Connections classes at the Grauwyler Park Library in Dallas, TX. She is thrilled that so many others  in her Spanish-speaking community can turn to OASIS for technology training.
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Celebrating volunteers

Celebrating volunteers

OASIS volunteer Wally Canis stays in his tech-loving world by helping others

Solving technology problems is a sweet spot for Wally Canis. He puts that skill to work as a natural teacher and part of the team keeping OASIS computer labs running.
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Meeting technology demand public library style

Today's library patrons want something more than books

With patrons in need of high-quality technology training, Broward County Library has found a cost-effective and sustainable model through OASIS Connections.
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Too old for Twitter? You bet your magic beans you're not

Social media an important tool for seniors

I had a lovely surprise this weekend at the movie theater when the preview trailer for "Draft Day" played. See for yourself in this 10 second clip with Kevin Costner and Ellen Burstyn . . .
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