Are we talking about my retirement expectations or yours?

Starting over at 57

I'm being blasted from colleagues and friends as “jumping ship” prematurely into retirement because I’m not using some pre-packaged presumed assumption of how I will be living my life when I retire from my current career job. Whose retirement is this, anyway?
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Surviving the realities of job hunting in 2014

Starting over at 57

In these past few weeks, I have gone through an ego-bruising crash-course in job hunting 2014, and it has not been pretty.Today’s info-tech-centric culture means the job-hunting process has morphed into an endless series of click, select, edit, scan, download, save and submit buttons.
Friday, June 27, 2014/Author: Mary/Number of views (2173)/Comments (-)/
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Stress may be inevitable, but it's manageable

Wellness with Cindy

We deserve to feel good about ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically. Turning to food in times of stress is a bad habit many people have, so making the decision to develop a positive one to replace it is a start. Beginning with baby steps and developing stress reduction techniques can help you achieve a more peaceful perspective on life.
Wednesday, June 25, 2014/Author: Cindy Sue/Number of views (1946)/Comments (-)/
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Margie Hobby helped her student find her voice

"I do a lot of volunteer work, but this is the one that feeds my soul."

When Margie Hobby retired, she wanted to stay active and connected, so she started taking classes and volunteering in her community. As she watched her student Vera progress, Margie found she had much to offer a child who was struggling and just needed more individual attention.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014/Author: Janice/Number of views (6018)/Comments (-)/

Volunteering is helping Joan Valdes stay healthy

Joan Valdes is staying pretty busy in retirement. A former social worker, she spends her days taking classes at OASIS, doing volunteer social service work, exercising and helping children develop healthier habits for a lifetime through the CATCH Healthy Habits program in Escondido, CA.
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Becoming a parent at (almost) 50

I became a new parent twice last year for the first time. Did I defy nature and give birth two times in one year? No. I officially became a parent for the first time to my darling 9 year-old twin stepsons when I married the love of my life; and a second time when I became my father's primary caregiver.
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CATCHing a great little moment while volunteering

By Sheila Brown, volunteer

Sometimes when you volunteer to work with kids, there are unexpected little victories that can pleasantly surprise you. As a volunteer for CATCH Healthy Habits in Portland, Maine, I hear about these little victories from my colleagues who feel that they benefit just as much as the kids. I had one of those special moments myself, not long ago.  
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Knowing heart disease risk factors and options for modifying can help reduce worries

Wellness with Cindy

Sierra’s father had just returned home after several weeks in the hospital. He had suffered a major heart attack and complications. "Family history" and "genetic predisposition," expressions used by the doctor, were keeping Sierra awake at night. Genetics cannot be altered, but she can reduce her risks through lifestyle changes or medications.
Tuesday, June 17, 2014/Author: Cindy Sue/Number of views (1683)/Comments (-)/
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Creating costumes on a budget

Attending a Renaissance Faire? Halloween Ball? Disney Theme Gala? Here's help!

Ever been to a Renaissance Faire? This year, I attended two weekends for the Wonders of the World and the High Seas Adventure. Of course, I wouldn’t dare go without dressing up in full costume! The challenge? Creating costumes on a budget.
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How well did I know my dad?

Perhaps not as well as I thought, until he was gone

My father, Daniel Jenerson III, died September 19, 1992. At his funeral I was surprised to hear from neighborhood families about how he helped them in their time of need…diapers when their children were born…food when there was none…helping with auto repair costs. Who was this man they were talking about?
Sunday, June 15, 2014/Author: Guest Author/Number of views (1871)/Comments (-)/
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The nest is empty ... now what?

It’s not the getting old part, it’s feeling old

I feel old. Not only did I turn 50 years old last month, but my youngest son graduated from high school and is heading out of state to start college. For the first time in 21 years, I will not have any children at home. I feel that time is moving too fast and I want to yell at it to slow down. Sound familiar?
Friday, June 13, 2014/Author: Michele/Number of views (3188)/Comments (-)/
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Want to improve your brain health and memory? Try juggling!

Wellness with Cindy

Juggling is not just entertaining, its exercise for the brain and body. Researchers have found links between learning to juggle and an increase in the grey matter in the brain. Twenty percent of the oxygen taken in by the body goes to the brain and 95% of that oxygen goes into grey matter.
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Question before you click

Four steps to protect yourself from hackers

The act of hacking and system cracking has been in existence since the earliest forms of electronic communications. Here are four steps you can take to protect yourself from this kind of attack.
Tuesday, June 10, 2014/Author: Ron/Number of views (3193)/Comments (-)/
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Introduction to the Internet: New course update published

Course includes expanded coverage of online activities and devices

The Internet changes daily. There is more to do, learn and experience online, and constantly evolving hazards as well. The new Introduction to the Internet course covers more of the popular activities we do on the Internet today, as well as the devices we use to do them, with a heavy emphasis on online safety and security.
Thursday, June 05, 2014/Author: Ken/Number of views (1415)/Comments (-)/
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So what about retirement? If you can, do you want to?

Starting over at 57

Thirty-five years of saving, 10 years of aggressive investing and the last five years of  learning to live on 32%-46% of my salary, had finally paid off. I could retire and have more income during retirement than I have while still working. But my heart is not in it to retire ... yet.
Wednesday, June 04, 2014/Author: Mary/Number of views (1999)/Comments (-)/
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