OASIS tutor El Douglas understands the power of one-on-one

OASIS tutor El Douglas understands the power of one-on-one

At the heart of successful tutoring is a strong personal relationship with each child.

As an OASIS tutor El Douglas has learned one thing: every child is different. Her first task with each student is to develop a personal relationship and learn what motivates and interests the child. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely.
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The Gift of Christmas

As families grow and change, so do celebrations and traditions

One of the best gifts we can give our grown children is the chance to create holiday traditions with their own families.
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New school year excitement never fades, even long after graduation

OASIS tutors channel their good memories into helping kids today

This time of year I can’t help but start thinking about going back to school, and how much I looked forward to that when I was a kid. OASIS tutors have many reasons for both choosing to tutor, AND where they want to tutor. Perhaps they want to complete the circle, and come back to their neighborhood school. 
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