Healthy mouth, healthy body

Healthy mouth, healthy body

Taking care of your dental health is important at all stages of life

Staying on top of dental care and oral hygiene is an important piece of the health puzzle, especially as we age.
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Vaccines are not just for kids

Making sure you are up-to-date on vaccinations is something to discuss with your doctor

Vaccination is the smart way to keep communicable diseases in check.
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Screenings are good for your health

The best way to detect health problems early is to schedule regular screenings

Take charge of your health and schedule necessary screenings today.
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Is it time for a screening?

Colorectal cancer is best detected early with colonoscopy

 One of the best ways to detect colorectal cancer is to have regular screenings.
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The nest is empty ... now what?

It’s not the getting old part, it’s feeling old

I feel old. Not only did I turn 50 years old last month, but my youngest son graduated from high school and is heading out of state to start college. For the first time in 21 years, I will not have any children at home. I feel that time is moving too fast and I want to yell at it to slow down. Sound familiar?
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Building strong bones now for your future

May is National Osteoporosis Month - break free!

My mom tripped on an area rug a few weeks ago, causing her to fall and fracture her pelvis and hip.  According to her physician, it was the “best” hip fracture to have; she only needed three rods in her hip instead of a hip replacement.  In the past, she’s also had multiple compression fractures in her spine. Why so many bone breaks? Just like her mother before her, my mom suffers from osteoporosis. There are ways to help reduce your risk.
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