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Faculty Highlights

Meet a few of our Instructors!

Betsy Solomon, Chief Muse and founder of ArtMuse, brings creativity and innovation to educational programs for audiences of all ages.  Her enthusiasm inspires an enjoyment of the visual arts, an appreciation for art history, the desire to want to learn more, and most importantly - she invites us to have fun.

ArtMuse programs explore the visual arts of many centuries and cultures. Featuring the work of well-known artists, each program enlightens history, encourages creativity, and underlines the importance of art in our lives.

Betsy has bachelors and masters degress in Art History and Archaeology as well as 18 years experience working in the arts.  Previous professional roles include:  Education Manager, St. Louis Regional OASIS; Art History Instructor, Saint Louis Art Museum; Assistant Curator, Laumeier Sculpture Park; Assistant to the Curator of Education, Museum of ARt and Archaelology/University of Missouri-Columbia.  Betsy also serves on the Board of Directors for Viva Vox Organization (an arts outreach program for at risk youth) and is a dedicated volunteer for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis.   

Joan Musbach taught high school and middle school history for over four decades.  She is currently supervising social studies student teachers for Webster University and presenting workshops for teachers of American History.  She has served as a consultant and presenter on several TAH grants and was honored by the Gilder Lehrman Foundation as Teacher of the Year in MIssouri. 
Joan received her B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of Kansas and her Masters degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Her publications include articles for the OAH Magazine of History on teaching about the Great Depression and curriculum for the Lewis and Clark National Bicentennial Exhibition. 
Bev Schuetz is a popular and dynamic speaker who has created HISTORY TALKS, a series of live presentations which include unique topics, delightful presentations and thoroughly researched programs. 
Bev is a consummate and experienced performer.  Professionally she has appeared in summer stock, as well as community and regional theatres.  She has given business presentations throughout the country.  Bev's background includes degrees in English and in Drama and graduate work in History.  A retired executive from the medical publishing field, she developed IMPACT STUDIES, marketing research company.
Bev is now retired and says that HISTORY TALKS is perfect for her and combines all her skills and interests.  
Tom St. John has a B.S. in History, an M.A.T. in Latin American Studies, and an M.B.A. in Business.  He first taught high school in St. Louis City and Punta Gorda, Belize.  The next 33 years were in junior and senior high schools in St. Louis County until his retirement in 1999. 
About 20 years ago, Tom started teaching adult education at Thomas Dunn Memorials in St. Louis City, and 15 years ago he began with OASIS.  He also continues his travels to Asia, Europe, Latin America (especially Guatemala with the God's Child Project to build homes for the poor in Antigua), and US destinations with his wife Laraine and grandchildren. 
One of Tom's goals in adult education is to show that most issues have two, three, or four points of view that are often in deep conflict and then to allow students to explore these issues knowing that they always have the power to make their own decisions and perhaps even continue studying the subject on their own.