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OASIS is proud to have UMSL as a partner in providing adult education opportunities.


Keep an eye out for the OASIS summer 2014 catalog!

From the Wild to the Plate

Dr. Patti Wright, Department of Anthropology, UMSL
Have you ever wondered how the tomato, once considered unfit to eat, became the most common garden item in the United States? Did you know that corn is a grass? What is manioc? Join us for a discussion of the myth, history and biology associated with some of our favorite foods.
Wednesday, Apr 2, 9:30-11:00
Fee: $13

Human Connections Through Time and Space

Joni Hoscher, UMSL’s Center for Human Origins & Cultural Diversity
Come and explore how anthropologists seek to understand what defines culture and our human family through discussions and activities. We will examine components that distinguish a society and introduce crosscultural examples of how groups of humans order and influence their world, both historically and contemporaneously. Meet at UMSL,South Campus.
Friday, Apr 4, 9:00-12:00
Fee: $20