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What OASIS participants and volunteers are saying!

Participant in the Art & Literature Class:
Great images and commentary.  Kaye takes me to the window of the world, providing amazing and mysterious perspectives.  Thank you for taking me on this enlightening journey!

This is the best part of my week. The benefits to my body and mind are unbelievable. Pam is a poet! I love her!

Volunteer:  Maddy Rubenstein  After I retired I was looking for a meaningful way to occupy my time. I heard about OASIS from a friend, and after joining I began taking some classes and found the quality of the class presenters and the variety of subjects were excellent. Soon I saw the need and the opportunity for volunteering to help in the day-to-day operations of OASIS. In the past eight years I have volunteered at the front desk, performed data entry functions during registration and served as class coordinator. I have also taken on the duties of administering the tributes received by OASIS. Happily, I now find I am busier and more satisfied than when I worked a full time job!

Welcome to Syracuse OASIS

OASIS is a unique educational program for mature adults who want to continue to grow, learn and be productive during the best years of their lives. Membership is free and open to anyone 50 or older. Members receive a catalog of opportunities three times a year. If you are not already a member, we invite you to join OASIS.

OASIS offers a broad range of stimulating educational classes - from the arts and humanities to wellness, fitness and travel. Come to pursue a new interest or develop an old one. Meet people who share your interests. Learn new ways to stay healthy and active. Search our current classes.

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New Volunteer Opportunities!

Remain active, involved and enjoy the companionship of others who share similar interests. OASIS offers many rewarding volunteer opportunities and a flexible schedule. 
Currently we are seeking Reception Desk Volunteers.  This position requires two volunteers to work together from  9 -1 and two more from 1-5. In this position you are the face of OASIS. A cheerful and welcoming  personality are the main requirements.  
For more information on joining our volunteer family, sign up for class #901, New Volunteer Overview.

An audio tribute: In memory of beloved OASIS Instructor Dr. William D. West

Click here (Length: 1:29 YouTube - turn volume way up for best sound)

Presented by: Daniel Hege, Music Director and Conductor of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and former Music Director of the Syracuse Symphony; friend and colleague of Bill West

Hear stories about Bill and listen to some of the music that inspired his life.  Daniel shares fond memories of monthly breakfasts he had with Bill during whihch they talked about music, literature and theatre.  Listen to some of the music that Daniel played for Bill on the eve of his passing in early 2013.  Daniel adds commentary and Bill’s thoughts about these evocative compositions, pertaining to “going to the other side."

This meaningful program was held at OASIS where the Lecture Hall was filled to capacity with 140 of Bill West’s students who had faithfully attended his OASIS classes for eleven years.



Gloria Mabie was never a NASCAR fan until she broke her neck in April of 2008.

Gloria was in a neck brace that held her head high and straight. She couldn’t even read a book unless it was somehow held up at eye level. This retired science teacher, an avid hiker, swimmer and outdoorsy type, was not able to do much of anything but watch television. This is when she decided to get to know NASCAR racing. 
Gloria had taught the principles of centrifugal force and inertia. The experience of traveling over 100 miles per hour was already on her bucket list. She sat, watched, cheered and booed, and gained a newfound respect for the sport and its drivers. Well, some of them anyway. And after a long year, she healed, and the brace finally came off. 

Last year she was well enough to travel, and she took her daughter to Richmond Virginia to witness a real NASCAR race. To be around that type of speed and energy was unlike anything else…until this year when her daughter gifted her with the ride of a lifetime. She rode as a passenger in #51 at Oswego Speedway, the fastest and loudest car on the track! She said the feeling of euphoria she experienced while speeding around that track at over 100 miles per hour was “absolutely thrilling!”… and the latest checkmark on her bucket list.

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