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Tutor training information and registration

What can I expect from tutor training?

Tutors complete a twelve-hour training program based on a proven six-part plan that originated with the Language Experience Approach. Tutors learn ways to engage the child’s experiences and help them to create simple stories that form the basis for reading and writing activities. The use of high quality children’s books are also a key ingredient in this process.
Tutors learn to create and use effective session plans with their students. These six part session plans include reading, writing and talking with the children.
Training covers all aspects of the tutoring program. Resources for the program will be discussed in detail.
Finally, tutors learn to tap into the teaching and learning resources of the community with emphasis on the effective use of the Pima County Library.

What do I need to bring?

  •      Your energy and love of learning
  •      Your respect for the whole child
  •      Your own computer if you wish to use one
  •      Your driver’s license for fingerprinting use


 For additional information about the Tutoring program please contact Jeanne Foster, National Tutoring Manager at (314)862-2933 ext 236.

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