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Share your love of reading with a child

You can improve children’s reading skills and positively impact their lives

For more than two decades, OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring has consistently improved students’ reading and writing ability, academic performance and attitudes about learning. The program taps the tremendous potential of committed volunteers who have the time, patience, training and life experience to make a profound difference in the lives of children.

Intergenerational Tutoring takes advantage of the special relationships that develop across generations to reap benefits for all involved.

Basics of the program

Tutors are volunteers who have a love of children, literature, reading and writing. Tutors come with prepared lesson plans so there is no additional burden on teachers or parents. They are trained to use a curriculum that is specially designed by reading professionals for K-5 students. Tutors work with the same child twice a week over a period of several months at school during the school day. 

Brief history of the program

Intergenerational Tutoring is being implemented in 25 cities and more than 100 school districts across the United States. It has won numerous national, state and local awards for its success in linking struggling students with trained volunteers who are eager to pass on a love of reading and writing. Since 1992, our volunteers have helped hundreds of children to read and write and become more successful in school. In ongoing evaluations the program consistently receives high praise from everyone involved - parents, principals, teachers and superintendents.

OASIS Tutoring is easy to implement!

We know how busy school administrators and teachers are. The OASIS tutoring program is designed to be easy to implement. For more information, please contact OASIS National Tutoring Manager Jeanne Foster at (314)862-2933 ext. 236 or by email at .