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Portland, OR

The OASIS Tutoring program continues to progress in seven area districts. We have many tutors who continue to work with students beyond the one year commitment. They work with their students sometimes two or three years. Because this has been a trend nationally, OASIS has developed a 4th/5th grade curriculum.

Please let us know if you or anyone you know might consider leaving a lasting impact through our intergenerational tutor program. For information on becoming a tutor, please contact Jeanne Foster at

Read more about what it is to be an OASIS Intergenerational Tutor.

Alder Elementary “Dreamer School”, Reynolds School District, Portland, OR

Alder Elementary was selected as one of the first “Dreamer Schools” in the nation by the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. This new “Dreamer School” model hopes to impact thousands more students over the next 5-10 years.

A consortium of mentoring and academic support partners have agreed to collaborate to provide services to Alder Elementary students. OASIS was invited to be part of this project based on our ability to promote literacy and nurture meaningful relationships. Volunteers have been recruited, training will took place in November 2011 and students were placed with tutors by December 2011. OASIS is very pleased to be a part of this innovative approach to ensuring that students have access to a college education. For more information about tutoring at Alder Elementary, please email Shyvonne Williams at

Jean Trowbridge, a third year tutor, found out how much her one-hour a week affected her student. Her story is what the OASIS tutoring program is all about.

Each of us remembers one person who made a difference in our lives when we were younger just by taking the time to ask about what we liked and who cared about what we said. The OASIS Tutoring program asks that you give one-hour of your time, each week, to mentor a student and be that one person who cares enough to change a life.


OASIS Tutoring Programs Around Portland

The Beaverton OASIS Program has been up and running for 16 years. In 2011-2012 we provided academic support to 35 students by 23 remarkable tutors. As we continue to partner with Beaverton our program has been sustained by the able leadership of Johanna Shrout. Her group of loyal tutors bring extraordinary skills to their students.


The David Douglas’ OASIS Tutors are an amazing group. They have maintained the program amidst change in the coordinator position. They are revered at their schools. There are five incredible tutors working with eight students. Chris Tokonitz, our newest coordinator, brings valuable experience as an associate professor and a mother of young children.


Gresham-Barlow School District and OASIS have been serving the elementary school children together since 1996. Currently, there are 16 distinguished tutors working with 18 students. GBSD has shown tremendous support and appreciation of these dedicated folks. And as an added bonus, Marilyn Shephard, a retired first grade teacher is the coordinator who encourages and boosts the tutors with wisdom and thoughtfulness. For information about tutoring in a Gresham-Barlow school, please contact Marilyn Shephard at or call Gresham-Barlow School District at 503-618-2450.


Portland Public School’s OASIS Tutor program has been in existence since 1993. In 2010-11 we served 10 schools and 61 students. Our terrific tutors are very dedicated to their schools and many of them have been tutoring numerous years.


Sherwood School District has partnered with OASIS for 17 years. During that time the school district has grown by leaps and bounds and so has the tutor program. In the beginning there were 2 elementary schools and now there are four. The program is in every elementary school serving 30 students. Our amazing tutors have provided the schools and OASIS the necessary support to sustain a thriving program. Kim Ellsworth has created a framework that establishes early placement and good communication. For information about tutoring in a Sherwood school, please contact Kim Ellsworth at 503-825-5106 or


The Tigard-Tualatin School District re-established the partnership with the Tutor Program in 2010. There are currently ten tutors working with first and second grade students at Templeton Elementary. Carrie Ferguson, first grade teacher and OASIS Tutor Coordinator, has implemented and facilitated the program the past two years with graceful ease. The Tigard tutors are a creative group in that they find innovative ways to motivate their students.

2011 Wordstock Festival took place at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR the weekend of Oct 8 and 9. David Douglas tutors, Marcia Hartman and Cheryl Sears graciously volunteered to assist at the Children’s Activity Center. Both Marcia and Cheryl read with children, played word games and helped kids get a free book. They both expressed that it was an enjoyable couple of hours being part of such a worthwhile event. This is the OASIS Tutor Program’s third year of volunteering at the festival.