CATCH Healthy Habits is supported nationally by a grant from
WellPoint Foundation



CATCH Healthy Habits: helping kids lead healthier lives

"There's so much these children can learn," says Doris Felix. "My goal is to give them something they can take away." "We’re all here to help one another," says Lynn Oliger, a CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer in Lakewood CA. Sisters Evelyn Gillespie and Rose Cox walk together almost every day, so it was only natural for them teach CATCH Healthy Habits together. "The sooner we get these kids moving, the better," the sisters say.

"You can do something about your health if you have a plan and stay committed to it,” says Lois Sanabria, of the Bronx.

"It's important it is to help children develop healthy habits and act as a good role model," says Janet Thomas of Atlanta CATCH Healthy Habits.  "Volunteering keeps me alive," says St. Louis CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer, Dorothy Fisher.