Glen Randall is a down to earth kind of guy

Glen Randall was a bomber pilot in World War II. He helped develop surface to air missiles. He was a member of the launch crew of the Atlas Missile to put “spy in the sky” satellites over Russia and to put the first man on the moon aboard Saturn V Apollo missile.

But today Glen is a down to earth kind of guy who enjoys the time he spends with children as an OASIS tutor.
“I’ve always liked kids, so becoming a tutor gave me a push,” says Glen. “And now I’ve seen the results. When they suddenly discover that reading is not just words but a story, now that is the best!”
What would Glen to say to other earthlings as they consider becoming a tutor?
“You will enjoy your time,” says Glen. “They will all love you and look forward to seeing you!”
Where on earth? Grant School, in the Long Beach School District, California.