She's always loved children

Harriet Klossen felt like she was sinking deeper and deeper into a hole.  

After her husband died and her family moved away, she became more and more lonely. For someone who had always been a rather strong person, she felt she was becoming someone she no longer recognized. What could she do to become her self again?
Harriet realized it would help her to help someone else…and she’s always loved children. She called several children’s organizations, offering herself however they could use her.
Not one called her back. You can imagine how Harriet felt. No one seemed to want her. That is, until she heard about OASIS, and its volunteer opportunities.
Harriet became a tutor, and was matched with Maria, a painfully shy child who struggled with reading. Sometimes teachers don’t have the time to give a lot of special attention to just one child. But Harriet did. She read with Maria, talked with her, and encouraged her. Maria said not a word to Harriet for months. 
Then one day Maria exclaimed “I won the science prize. Will you come?” Of course Harriet did. And throughout the rest of the school year, Maria’s reading and school work improved, and she began to laugh and play with the other children.
As for Harriet, she began to laugh and play again, too, so to speak.
Over 10 years and many students later, Harriet still says…”Oh honey, I always get more than I give!”