Carole Pefley got fit, then started teaching others

Carole Pefley, seated, shares her love of
fitness as an instructor in Indianapolis for
classes like the Complete Body Workout.
Fifteen years ago, Carole Pefley heard a radio interview with a man in his 50s who physically trained to become a police officer. I thought, “If he can do it, so can I!” Carole says
Carole decided to get fit – to take care of herself, live confidently and independently, and to be there for her family in the future. A lifelong Chuck Norris fan, she was inspired by his attitude and intrigued by the commitment necessary to practice martial arts. Studying and practicing martial arts became her life’s fitness plan. After achieving a black belt and qualifying to teach, she became an instructor.
Carole has been teaching at OASIS for more than 10 years, teaching classes like ExerStart, Better Balance and Complete Body Workout which combines cardio, strength and flexibility. How to Develop a Survival Mindset for Personal Safety is geared toward empowering students to live their lives with confidence by becoming proactive in their approach to personal safety. Carol provides defense mechanisms and drills that teach her students how to increase awareness of their environment and practice personal safety in the event of an emergency situation. 
Carole shares her positive attitude and love of physical fitness with all of her students. She enjoys meeting and teaching people from varied backgrounds at several OASIS locations in Indianapolis. She especially enjoys seeing changes in the people she has taught, from boosting fitness levels to improving their outlooks on life.