Dona Robinson shares a love of yoga with her students

Dona Robinson has been sharing her love of yoga with OASIS members for the past 10 years. She currently teaches at three locations in Indianapolis. Her students rave about her hands-on approach to teaching, as she moves about the class correcting each person’s form and position and encouraging her students at every opportunity.
Dona first began practicing yoga breathing years ago in response to some health issues she was experiencing. She was living in South Dakota and there was no yoga studio where she lived, so she borrowed a book from the library and started teaching herself. When she moved to Indianapolis, she was knowledgeable enough to begin training to be an instructor.
Today, not only is she a highly regarded yoga instructor at OASIS and in Indianapolis, she is also recognized professionally at the state and national level. She recently completed a balance study involving OASIS participants in her classes and documented the outcomes to show other instructors the benefits of yoga and balance in adults age 50 and older.
Dona has extensive experience in the business world but says the best part of her professional life has been teaching yoga. She loves seeing the difference yoga makes in the lives of her students. She admits that she has a faithful following at OASIS because her students have found that practicing yoga makes them feel better and that keeps them coming back. Dona teaches her students routines they can do at home, but knows that many people would rather participate with others in a group setting. 
Dona is a huge supporter of OASIS and says that OASIS provides a sense of community that so many people desire.