Kay Meyer improves her health with OASIS Chair Yoga


Kay Meyer credits OASIS and the classes she has taken with improving not only her flexibility, but her health and mental attitude.

 About a year ago, Kay’s doctor suggested she start exercising because of some health issues and arthritis. Water classes weren’t an option for her because of the cost and Kay’s susceptibility to infection. “Then I found the (OASIS) Chair Yoga Class and it has changed my life,” Kay says.

She and a friend tried the class together at the Center of Clayton in Clayton, MO. Although they had some initial difficulty because they were “out of shape,” according to Kay, the instructor encouraged them to ease into the positions at their own pace. By the end of the six-week session, they were feeling great.

“My friend’s blood pressure dropped 12 points and my doctor has remarked on my health improvements, too,” she says. “My flexibility and walking have improved; I can move my neck and shoulders better and I can stand for longer periods of time. Plus I’m less stressed and my attitude is more positive. My doctor asked me what I’m doing differently, and I tell him it’s all Chair Yoga.”

Christie Gleason, a registered yoga teacher/yoga therapist for OASIS, teaches Kay’s class and says Kay works very hard. “She always has a great attitude and she only expects the best from herself,” Christie says. “It is so refreshing to have such a healthy mind-set in light of challenges.”

In addition to Chair Yoga, Kay has taken a few other OASIS classes that she has enjoyed, including a Holiday Origami class and a class called the History of Underwear.

 “OASIS is a very good value,” Kay says. “The classes are enjoyable, interesting and affordable.”



Chair Yoga is just one of many health and wellness programs OASIS offers, thanks to support from Sam's Club