Meet Aines Maza of San Antonio

Three years ago Aines Maza was new in town, newly retired and looking for health and fitness classes. She found those and more at San Antonio OASIS.

“The Tai Chi and Yoga classes help me with my inner peace, strength in mind, body and spirit. I love Zumba for my cardio health. And I love meeting new faces and making new friends.

“I'm 64 years ‘young’ and I taught third grade in a public school in Alpine, California for 33 years. I took early retirement at 59 and never regretted it! Now I have time for all the wonderful things I always dreamed of doing: traveling, gardening, online friendships, reading, listening to my fave music all day long, going to the movies, floral crafts, Tai Chi, Yoga and dance.

Maza attends classes at Wedgwood Retirement Community and Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center in San Antonio. She enjoys helping out older friends in the neighborhood – taking them to appointments or grocery shopping, spending some quality time to share about available senior resources and services nearby, giving them tips on veggie/fruit tree gardening, etc.

Still on her to-do list is volunteering to read to children. “As a teacher I really depended on my daily classroom volunteers for many odd jobs that needed to be done. For my students, my volunteers were indispensable for a one-on-one interaction. Volunteers are AWESOME!”

And her advice to anyone considering OASIS?

“It's a terrific way to meet others and establish friendships for life.”