Meet Chris Wingert of Escondido


Hannelore Christiane Wingert, also known by Chris, is already a wife, mother and grandmother with two degrees. She’s an accomplished realtor who volunteers much of her time to civic and arts organizations in the Escondido area.
But Chris isn’t quite finished learning or creating.
Her book, A Bucket Full of Love, is one of two she’s written for children about the subject of divorce.
“As a child of divorce myself and as grandmother of two granddaughters who are coping with separation from their mother, I’ve been able to observe the pain that children can’t verbalize,” she says. "A Bucket Full of Love emerged from these experiences.” It is the perfect book for grandmas to read to their grandchildren.
Despite her busy schedule, Chris makes time for taking OASIS classes that encourage her desire to create.
“My first class was Watercolor Painting,” she says. “My teacher, Phyllis, is an excellent teacher who can inspire and excite even a novice in painting like me. My second class was in creative writing. I’m just drinking in all the opportunities OASIS offers. I highly recommend that others take a class.”
“I feel so refreshed and excited to go to these classes. I’ve had many challenges in my life and finding people who empathize has made a wonderful difference in my life."
Chris is also now a tutor with OASIS, making a difference in children's lives ... read more.