Liz Lippa built a community for herself

Liz Lippa moved to St. Louis in 2003 after she retired because she wanted to be near her children in Springfield, IL. But she didn’t know anyone in the area, so she was very grateful when someone told her about OASIS.

“I was trying to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to build a life here when I got that catalog with all the offerings,” Liz says. “I started taking classes and meeting people and OASIS helped me build a community for myself.”

“Through OASIS, you learn what you love to do and what you don’t love to do,” she says. “I’ve found that I not only have a great time and meet great people, but I’ve become more dedicated to the service OASIS provides to the community. I’m a part of that.”

Classes like "Why is that art?" at Laumeier Sculpture Park inspire Liz Lippa to develop her own talents.

Liz, 74, has been very active with OASIS for nearly a decade. She’s taken art and history classes and Memory Dynamics, among other things. She’s also helped coordinate classes, served as an OASIS Tutor and is getting involved with CATCH Healthy Habits.

Candice Arriola, St. Louis OASIS volunteer manager, says Liz is a valuable volunteer. “One of the most wonderful things about Liz is that she is very willing to try new things and challenge herself,” Candice says. “She is comfortable taking on leadership roles, enriching her own life while also helping the organization.”

Liz says her involvement in OASIS classes helped her realize her niche in the community and she has expanded that even beyond OASIS. She is a member of a professional storyteller group, and she is an actress in a senior theater. Additionally, Liz is a child survivor of the Holocaust, and a speaker at the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center.

“OASIS offers so many opportunities for learning, participating and using your talents,” Liz says. “Whatever you think you want to do or whatever you think you don’t want to let go of in your later years, OASIS has an opportunity for you.”