The fisherman is a tutor

She loves fishing, is a longtime member of a local fishing club and enjoys fishing with her family and friends from the club. 

Some say important traits of a fisherman are patience, resourcefulness and determination. Others say those are important traits for an OASIS Tutor.
After 40 years as a legal secretary, Marcia Hartman considered volunteering at the grade school in her neighborhood, the school her sons had attended. She thought she could help in the office or however she could be of help. Marcia had heard about reading programs, but was admittedly curious about the “tutoring” concept.
“Two young girls came to my door and handed me the OASIS intergenerational Tutoring brochure,” says Marcia. She was reeled in, hook, line and sinker.
“The best times are always a surprise to me,” says Marcia, who tutors in the David Douglas School District in Portland, Oregon. “It may be a child’s comment, or the use of a word for the first time, singing a favorite song, or just helping me gather our books and papers.”
Marcia has become more aware of the children in the neighborhood, collecting labels and ink cartridges to benefit their school.
“It can be a challenge to find the right connection with each child, “she adds. “But I know when that connection has been made by the way the child responds and opens up. And all of those times are the best times.”
And that’s no fish tale.