John Ndono gets connected to technology and a new job

When John Ndono enrolled in a Connections class, he never dreamed he’d be able to learn computer skills so soon, and then use them to help find a job.

“In the past, I would hear about jobs by word of mouth and then drive to potential employers,” he said. Upon arriving he’d only be led to a computer terminal where he was to begin an online application … something he didn’t know how to do.

John’s participation in a basic Connections computer class through the AARP Foundation in Dallas taught him how to enter and become comfortable in the computer world.  He learned how to navigate through the Internet so that he could search and apply for jobs online, and created his own email account, something he never had before.

“I really benefited from computer classes and I will never forget what I learned.  I love the way the course was put together—it is amazing for some of us who never thought we would learn anything like this.”


One of John’s teachers was Jewel Harris, a Connections instructor through the AARP Foundation.  Students like John who are in her class are Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants who need job search and workplace technology skills.  “It’s an absolute joy to be part of these classes,” Jewel says, “to see how much people can accomplish when given the chance.”

For John, the Connections classes he said, made his life much easier in regard to searching for new jobs.  “Since the classes, I’ve been able to apply online with no problem at all,” John said. His new skills eventually led him to applying for and getting a job as a security guard.

Now equipped with his technology knowledge, John uses the computer at his home to send emails and look at websites. In his spare time, he is researching online how to become a realtor.

Attending classes not only connected John with technology, but also brought him some new friends. “My classmates became my best friends and people I will always cherish in life,” he said. “What a class it was! I will never forget each and every one of them, and I deeply wish them the best of luck in getting a job soon.”