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Marathoner Linda Herman has fun with kids and food

Teaching young children how to develop healthier eating habits comes naturally to Linda Herman. After her Air Force career ended 34 years ago, Linda Herman became a vegetarian as a way to maintain her health.

“I like working with young people, getting them into a different zone and introducing them to new foods,” Linda says. ‘It also makes me conscious about what I eat.”
The retired Vietnam-era veteran is one of OASIS’s most active volunteers in St. Louis, working each week with other volunteers to teach the CATCH Healthy Habits program at the Pagedale Family Center. She also tutors three children through the OASIS intergenerational tutoring program at Lucas Crossing School.
Linda’s involvement with OASIS was happenstance. “I was training for a marathon walk and the lady next to me was the CATCH coordinator in St. Louis,” she explained. “We got talking while we walked and when she learned I had been a Sunday School teacher and was into healthy habits, she invited me to get involved. I love it.”
One of Linda’s favorite stories involved the first time she prepared Ants on a Log, a healthy snack consisting of cream cheese and raisins on a celery stick. “At first the kids turned up their noses at it,” she said. “But once I convinced them to try it, they really liked it. That’s what CATCH is all about, letting the kids have fun and giving them new ideas, concepts and foods that will keep them healthy for life.
“It’s worked for me and I want to make sure it works for them as well.”

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