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Mary Arendt is making friends for OASIS in Eugene
“I love OASIS,” says Mary Arendt, a volunteer and donor to OASIS in Eugene. “It’s just such a good place to be with a very inviting atmosphere.”
Others say that welcoming environment is largely due to Arendt.
“Mary is a multi-talented person and will attempt any challenge we give her and complete it with success,” noted Lorelei Cesario, executive director. “She is an excellent team member. I wish we had a dozen more like her.”
Following early retirement from a state government job, Arendt attended an OASIS class and decided it would be a good place to get involved. Five years later, she has put in more than 1,000 hours, solving problems, creating forms and processes and working on the OASIS database. “I’m younger than many of our members here, so I can take on a lot,” she said. “I love the interaction with the other volunteers. You make a lot of friends easily.”
A generous donor to OASIS, Arendt enjoys travel, health classes and financial programs. At age 63, she walks five miles every Sunday and reminisces about the Portland Marathon she walked in 2001.
She also volunteers many hours each week at a local food pantry, collecting books for an affordable housing community, and sewing quilts to brighten the lives of foster children. “Everywhere Mary goes, she is always so supportive of OASIS!” added Cesario.

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