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Leigh Smith gets fit from a chair
Leigh Smith loves OASIS, and enjoys a wide variety of classes – everything from philosophy to food to computers. Her favorites are Chair Pilates and Gentle Chair Yoga.
Leigh suffers from arthritis and was experiencing balance problems before she registered for the fitness classes at OASIS. She noticed a difference in her balance after just six months in the yoga class. Her physical confidence was boosted with the increased flexibility she gained from all the yoga stretching.   When she added the Pilates class, she experienced even greater results in shorter time span. Taking both classes has enabled her to stay pain free for several days after each workout.  
“I can’t say enough about the benefits I am experiencing from my Gentle Chair Yoga and Chair Pilates classes,” says Leigh. “My rheumatologist insisted I incorporate exercise into a regular wellness routine and I find that these two classes are just what the doctor ordered. I love the instructors and enjoy the camaraderie of the other class participants. Plus, I feel so much better!”
Both Leigh and her doctor are thrilled with her results from her OASIS fitness classes. Leigh is also thrilled with the relatively low cost of the classes offered by OASIS. “I tell everyone about OASIS,” she adds. You can’t beat it for the price.”





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