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Lifelong learning opportunities abound at OASIS

As she has explored new classes and challenged herself as a volunteer,” Liz Lippa has built a community for herself with OASIS.

Mike Hoyer is enjoying his musical journey with the OASIS band, comprised of over 30 members. "It's gotta be good for all of us," he says.

Carol Evans Conley says that taking OASIS classes keeps her excited about life. “I continue to use my lifetime of potential,” she says.

“There are hundreds of classes offered every year,” says Carlos Arias, San Diego. “There’s something for everybody to enjoy.”

“I just love OASIS,” Karen Larkin says. “Where else can you find such a wide variety of classes, while also making new friends along the way?”

“I usually have a moment of enlightenment
when I realize, at 72, I am really sitting in the middle of a real band playing real music with real people listening," says Roger Gennari, OASIS band member

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