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Meet Pitt Warner of San Diego

Pitt Warner still plays the drums.

“It’s just something I’ve always done,” he says, recalling his days playing for Glenn Miller-style bands out of Toronto. “I still play with a group that meets once a week.”

At 82, Pitt, a retired schoolteacher, also enjoys photography, especially portraiture and other images that catch his eye. He and his wife, Virginia, also take a number of classes at OASIS in the San Diego Macy’s. If they time it just right and take the best route, they can get to the center from their home in about ten minutes.

“We’re not big television or movie people,” explains Pitt, who is the sole caregiver for his wife, who has Alzheimer’s. “She enjoys the history and literature classes, too, and mostly she likes being with me.”

“OASIS is a great place to go and is enjoyable for both of us. It’s become our outlet for getting out of the house together and learning something together. OASIS provides us some intelligent entertainment, and it’s very affordable. When I tell people about it, I encourage them to get involved. We’re there two, often three times a week!”


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