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It all adds up to an OASIS tutor

He’s a young man of 66. He’s handsome, and married. He’s retired, and owns a sailboat and a Harley. He has two rescue dogs and a daughter. He lives downtown in a loft and loves to travel. Best of all, David Bloom is an OASIS tutor. 

“New challenges, children and schools who need our help, and tutoring being such a worthwhile use of my time, were all reasons why I became a tutor,” says David. “And tutoring has given me the chance to share with the children what I’ve learned through my world travels. They love it when I bring them mementoes of my trips.”
They also love when David brings Coco, his 8-year-old Labradoodle, along with him to Long Beach Unified School. The two are a registered Therapy Team. Coco watches intently as tutor and student do their work. “It’s a fact that a child reading to an animal helps to build confidence and self-assurance in the child,” says David. The other students smile and welcome them when they see Coco trolloping down the hall with David.
“So many kids in our schools need what OASIS tutors can give them,” David adds. “And every school year brings new challenges and new opportunities to help a child.”
New challenges, children and schools who need his help, and a worthwhile use of his time. And Coco. It all adds up to make David quite an OASIS tutor.


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