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Meet our tutors

Janet Westbrook relishes the opportunity to help children become better readers

“This is just my favorite thing to do!" Janet says.

“I have no grandchildren, but I get to do ‘Grandma things.’  I love spending one-on-one time over a book with these children and seeing them gain confidence and improve their reading ability. 

Janet has tutored for seven years, four at Grace Chapel Lutheran School in St. Louis.

"As I was walking down the hall, a child asked, ‘Do you work here?’ I explained that I am a volunteer reading buddy and that I read with a student every week. He said, ‘I wish you could read with me.’ I told him that I wish I could read with everyone!
OASIS tutoring keeps me researching and learning. The training meetings are so encouraging and helpful. I love reading, and I don’t want any child to miss out on building foundational skills for lifelong learning and enjoyment! I hope this program never goes away! One can only hope it expands and helps more students who are still struggling.”

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