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John Sondag, President of AT&T Missouri, with Patricia Young, a student in an OASIS job search skills class held at the Monsanto Y in St. Louis with support from AT&T.

Partner with OASIS

We work with a wide variety of partners to make our health, technology and educational programs available to a broader audience.

Major partners provide funding to implement our educational and community service programs across the country.

Community partners provide space and support to offer programs locally.  Examples include educational and cultural institutions, healthcare providers, schools, libraries, housing developments, YMCAs, senior and community centers and other service organizations.

Examples of programs that our community partners offer include:

  • OASIS Connections technology training, an evidence-based curriculum designed specifically for older learners to help them build success, confidence and practical technology skills.

  • Health programs, including evidence and research-based programs

  • OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring, providing caring mentors to help children improve students’ reading ability, academic performance and attitudes about learning. 

  • CATCH Healthy Habits, which engages teams of volunteers with children in grades K to 5 to combat obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

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