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Meet a few of our volunteers

Thousands of dedicated volunteers enjoy serving their community through OASIS.  A few of their stories are here - click the links to learn more about each one. We encourage you to share your own OASIS volunteer story with us!

Gloria Curtis brings people and OASIS together
Venture into the Clayton OASIS center in St. Louis and you might see Gloria in action. She's that smiling face at the desk checking in students for classes, but she wears many more hats at OASIS.

Lee Courtnage helps veterans tell their stories
There are stories out there that need to be told and they need to be told soon, before the opportunity is lost forever.  This sense of urgency isn't lost on Lee, a retired special education professor, who wants to hear and record what our  aging veterans have to say, especially those who witnessed and lived through World War II. 

Loretta Davis knows when It's time to take a break
Loretta teaches the ExerStart program at Dunn Road Manor in St. Louis, an affordable housing development of Lutheran Senior Services. Twice a week, she leads her class of dedicated students in low-impact aerobics. 

Barbara Groneck 'feeds her soul' as a volunteer with special people
Working for a university nursing program, helping medical students schedule time at community health clinics, and finding housing for international graduate students were some of the jobs Barbara handled as administrative secretary for a local university. So when she retired, her desire to help others and enjoy people fit with the OASIS mission. 

Jack Houseworth helps people realize their potential
"The stereotype for an older person has changed dramatically, and OASIS is helping to change it," says Jack, a retired architect and instructor in Syracuse. "OASIS members enjoy learning and growing together. You feel like you are accomplishing something here."

Dorothy Rossi's students are fired up!
"The participants in my classes are so enthusiastic, I can't give them enough information," says Dorothy Rossi, a volunteer OASIS instructor in Rochester, New York. This Renaissance women teaches one day each week at OASIS, offering classes ranging from Egyptology and mythology to Latin -- including a specialty Latin class for master gardeners. 

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