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Improving the OASIS Website

Janice Branham
Director of Communications and Technology

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our survey earlier this year about the OASIS website. We received many excellent suggestions for how to improve the site, such as:

•  Fewer clicks to get where I'm going
  Take me to my information when I sign in
  Save my defaults for next time
•  Make a clearer distinction between local and national pages
Many ideas were about improving the class registration process.
A few examples include:
•  Make it easier to find and use the class registration page
•  Show events on a calendar
•  Provide maps to classes
  Enable searching for classes by time of day
•  Provide an opportunity to comment on classes
We heard good ideas from other groups as well - like making class details easily accessible for instructors.

What happens next?

We have revised the sitemap for organizing the content and are working with website developers to design a new site. We don't know yet when it will be implemented, but are working towards sometime in the fall of 2014.
There will definitely be a testing phase, and I'll be reaching out to those of you who indicated interest in that to be our "test dummys".
I'll post updates here as we know more about the timeline. In the meantime, if you have further suggestions please email me. Thank you!

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