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Tech Haiku

To have no errors
Would be life without meaning
No struggle, no joy



Computer and Technology Skills

Be safe online

Avoid "Phishing" scams

Phishing is when identity thieves try to trick you into revealing account numbers, pin numbers, passwords or other personal information. Learn how to protect yourself.

Build new skills for your next step!

OASIS Connections classes are specifically designed to help adults over 50
build skills and confidence using computers and the Internet.

To see what classes are available in your area, choose a city.

Find tech tips online

The links below are great resources to learn more about using the computer,
software, the Internet and job searching online.
Links with a "Thumbs Up" are particularly helpful.

Basic Computer Skills

10 Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing - Use these Windows accessibility options to make your computer easier to see, hear and use.

Skillful Senior - Try these fun mouse, keyboard and ergonomics exercises.

Ergonomics Tips - Make your computer environment healthy and comfortable.

Brain Training Games - Practice typing and mouse skills while improving your brain and memory.

Ten Thumbs Free Online Typing Test - Use this website to measure and improve your typing speed.

8 Ways to Save on Printer Ink

My Spell Checker - This poem illustrates the limitations of the Spell Check function.

Job Searching Resources

Microsoft Resume Templates - Save time and create impressive resumes with these Microsoft Word templates.
Search for Jobs on Monster and HotJobs

Search for Jobs on Craigslist - Click on your city and use the search function in the left menu to look for jobs.

Mobile Phones & Wireless

WirelessED - Easy to use website to navigate the evolving world of cell phone services

Microsoft Software Skills

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks
Excel Tutorials

Excel 2007 Tips

8 PowerPoint Presentation Tips - This YouTube video will help you spice up your presentations.

Open Office - Can't afford the Microsoft Office software? Download and use this freeware that is very similar to MS Office.

Internet Skills

Get Free Google Email (Gmail)
Join OASIS on Facebook - Facebook members can click the "Like" button to become a friend of the OASIS Institute. Many local OASIS locations have their own Facebook pages as well.

Facebook Chat Tips - How to use emoticons ("smiley faces").

Google Tips for Older Adults
AARP Technology Web Page

Life Magazine Photos - Practice surfing the Internet on this amazing website.



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