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Retirement calculators

These tools make it easy to analyze your finances. Enter your numbers in the blank boxes and the computer does the rest.

Loan and financial information

EconomicCheckUp┬ę, a free service of the National Council on Aging can help identify resources to help. It asks a series of questions to help identify benefits that could save you money, find ways to cut expenses and develop a concrete plan to achieve greater economic security. offers more than 100 calculators for loans, investments, taxes and retirement. providies housing and mortgage information for seniors.

Retirement reports

Kiplinger's Retirement Report
Up-to-the minute financial news of interest to retirees.
Contact your State Regulators - Find out who to contact about rules for insurance and annuities, banking and consumer protection in each state.

Build your online portfolio

Bloomberg - Want to see what's happening to your stocks and bonds each day? All you need to enter is the stock symbol, the number of shares you hold, and the price you paid per share.
Morningstar - Check the latest quote or earning report. You can also use this handy site to find out what individual stocks are in your mutual fund of yours.

Financial magazines online
Forbes - Table of contents, cover story, and selected columns from Forbes, Forbes FYI, and Forbes ASAP.
Barron's Online - Electronic edition of Dow Jones & Company's business and financial weekly magazine with added research capabilities.
SmartMoney Interactive - Offers commentary, hourly updates, portfolio tracking, broker ratings, and more.
Money Magazine - Features articles from the magazine, guides to mutual funds, company reports, the best loan rates in your area, and more.




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