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The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America's nonprofit fitness advocate, has partnered with to offer over 2,000 healthy, simple and delicious recipes via the ACE Web site. The exclusive recipes are provided by FoodFit Executive Chef, Bonnie Moore, as well as a network of other professional chefs and cookbook authors.

Healthy nutrition provides fuel for the body during exercise and is an essential component of effective weight management. ACE's recipe database includes search options for low-carb, low-fat, kid-friendly entrees, appetizers, desserts and other meal options.

"By partnering with, ACE is able to offer nutritious recipes to fitness professionals and general consumers," said Dr. Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for ACE. "The majority of recipes incorporate many of the recommendations presented in the recently updated USDA Dietary Guidelines. We hope this extensive database of recipes will help Americans make healthy eating an integral part of their lifestyles."

Take a Nutrition Checkup

A well-rounded diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but the amount of nutrition advice out there can be overwhelming. High carb, low carb, good fats, bad fat ... how do you decipher all of this information?

Different foods serve different purposes. Some are rich in vitamins and minerals, some provide energy and others simply satisfy our taste buds. When selecting fruits and vegetables, try to get a variety of colors and textures. For a stir-fry, you could use zucchini, carrots, snap peas and red bell peppers. Including different colors of foods in your diet often suggests you are also getting a nice balance of nutrients.

A diet that represents the basic food groups (protein, grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy) helps to ensure you are getting the daily nutrients you need. The OASIS Nutrition Tracker can help you make sure you are eating a variety of foods.

Avoid labeling foods as "bad" -- that just tends to make us feel deprived. Have the sweets and fattening foods you enjoy, but in moderation or only on special occasions. Food should never be a punishment! We should all enjoy our food. Most people associate food with friends and family and mealtimes are often the only times of day when families sit down together and talk -- so enjoy!

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