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CATCH Healthy Habits is sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross Foundation
CATCH Healthy Habits in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of several California cities offering CATCH Healthy Habits, a unique intergenerational physical activity and nutrition program that benefits two generations: kids and adults age 50-plus.

The CATCH program combats the serious public health problem of obesity by engaging mature adults as mentors to teach healthy lifelong habits to kids in grades K - 5.

You can help.

Research shows that adults over 50 who volunteer have lower rates of depression and martality and greater functional ability than those who do not volunteer. And as a CATCH volunteer, you are not only helping promote healthy habits for kids but also gaining that experience for yourself! Being involved in the CATCH program also provides the opportunity to experience the rewards of meaningful community service.

More about CATCH Healthy Habits

Find out more about the CATCH Healthy Habits program and the different ways you can get involved.

What is keeping you and your family from a healthier lifestyle?

Is it the time commitment? The food? The cost?
Most would agree on the benefits of living healthy, but these concerns keep many of us from taking the next step. The good news is that eating well and being physically active can be easy, fun, and inexpensive.
Our free guides offer practical tips to make healthier living easy to understand and do. All the information is based on scientific research and proven best practices, including information from CATCH Healthy Habits. Just click to download a free guide.

Healthy Living Guides for Adults & Healthy Living Guides Families

To volunteer or learn more about CATCH Healthy Habits in Los Angeles, contact:
Nat Hutton, 323-291-3414

Get to know Doris Felix and Lynn Oliger, CATCH Healthy Habits volunteers in the Los Angeles area!
Doris Felix
Lynn Oliger