Connections Technology

Mobile Accessibility Guide

Make your phone or tablet easier to see, hear and use

Mobile devices like smartphones, iPads and tablets have features to help people with vision, hearing or dexterity loss. The OASIS Connections Mobile Accessibility Guide introduces the most popular features to help overcome these issues.

  • Learn about settings you can use to make text or images larger, enhance the sound, turn on Closed Captioning and much more
  • Covers both Apple and Android devices
  • Designed for use by individuals or in classes

This handbook is available free thanks to support from the CTA Foundation and AT&T.

Download the guides:

iOS 9 and Android Lollipop, August 2015          English  |  Spanish

iPads and iPhones iOS 10, October 2016           English  |  Spanish

Android V7 (Nougat), November 2016             English  |  Spanish

Marylynn Sims learns how to use accessibility features on her smart phone


This guide was immediately useful. I can think of so many people who could benefit from this.”

– Marylynn Sims

Accessibility videos

Video: Better Seeing and Hearing with Mobile Devices

Students explain some of the features they learned in the OASIS class on mobile device accessibility.

Senior adults aren’t seeking accessibility - they just need a device that helps them see and hear better
Gari (Global Access and Reporting Initiative, Feb. 3, 2015 - Being able to use mobile devices has become as important for senior adults as for everyone else. Ideally, the devices should be accessible and easy to use for anyone, but what does this mean in practice?
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