OASIS tutors are a child's best friend

 Janet Westbrook  
“This is just my favorite thing to do," says Janet Westbrook. “I have no grandchildren, but I get to do ‘Grandma things.’ If you can read, you're qualified to be an OASIS tutor! according to Philip White and his recruiting ally, Martha Hurley.

"This is the perfect outlet for me" says Sharon Fine, volunteer coordinator in the west San Fernando Valley.

“Tutoring has given me the chance to share with the children what I’ve learned through my world travels, says David Bloom of Long Beach.
"The kids are such a joy. They appear to be so excited to see me,” Rhonda Snoddy- Smith says. “These moments are so valuable to me." 
"What else can be so much fun, so rewarding and so easy?" says Madge Klassen of Denver.


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