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CATCH Healthy Habits success continues, surpassing expectations

Funded by WellPoint Foundation, CATCH Healthy Habits is making a difference in the health and lives of thousands of children and adults 50-plus in 18 cities across 14 states.

The innovative evidence-based program unites children in grades K to 5 with trained adult volunteers, age 50-plus, to adopt healthy nutrition and physical activity habits to improve health and prevent obesity.

Highlights from the first two years

  • Over 7,000 participants, including over 6,200 children from predominantly under-resourced communities and more than 900 adult-volunteers, age 50-plus, have been engaged in the program in over 130 locations. In 2013, the program will expand to 19 cities in 15 states, adding Tucson, AZ, and Sacramento, CA.
  • In 2011-2012, 88% of adults age 50-plus and 62% of children met the CDC recommendations for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Both groups increased their levels of fruit and vegetable consumption, read more food labels and decreased their screen time (or time spent watching  TV, playing video games or using the computer). 
  • Over 90% of adult volunteers remain committed to the program and over time have contributed over 32,000 hours, valued at over $580,000.
  • Over 430 organizations have joined CATCH Healthy Habits, including national youth serving organizations (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, YMCAs, Girls Scouts of the USA), national organizations that serve older adults (AARP, Senior Corps RSVP), public and parochial schools, government agencies, senior centers, libraries, hospitals, universities and local businesses, including WellPoint business affiliates.
  • National and local recognition as a unique program of excellence that impacts child and adult health, includes:
Building upon this success, 2013 looks to be a great year, engaging more adults, age 50-plus, serving more children in grades K to 5, and being active in more locations nationwide.

Lois Sanabria, CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer

"You can do something about your health!"
Lois Sanabria
"We’re all here to help one another."

Lynn Oliger

View the presentation on the evidence for CATCH Healthy Habits given at the 2011 annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America.

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