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Connections class practice files

If your Connections workbook indicates Class Practice Files are used in the course, follow the steps below to download them.

  1. Make a Folder:  Create a folder on the desktop of a class computer. Give the folder the name of the Connections course, e.g. folder name is "Introduction to Computers."
  2. Download Practice Files: Right-click on the course name below and click "Save Target As" or "Save Link As." The "Save As" dialog box will appear. Locate the course folder you just created on the desktop and click "Save."
  3. Windows Vista or Windows 7 Users - Extract the Files: Open the folder and see if the files are zipped. If necessary, use the built-in Windows utility to extract the files.

    Windows XP Users - Extract or Unzip the Files:  Open the folder and see if the files are zipped.  If necessary, use the built-in Extraction Wizard to extract the files.  If you don't have a built-in extraction tool, use another program such as Zip Reader by PKWare, to unzip the files. If you don't have this software, download a free copy.

Class Practice Files 


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Step-by-Step Instructions for Downloading Class Practice Files: 
Windows XP Users Jan 12
Windows 7 Users Jan 12

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