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Share your love of reading, become an OASIS Tutor!

Would you be willing to spend a little time each week doing something fun and fulfilling -- especially if you knew it could change a child’s life forever?

If your answer is “yes,” please consider being a tutor, mentor and friend for a child who needs help developing reading and language skills. Training and materials are provided; no teaching experience is needed.

How do I become a tutor?
You begin by completing the tutor training program provided by your selected school district. Then you commit to meeting with a student a few times each week. You will work with the same child throughout the school year. Of course, your student and his or her teacher will understand when you need time for vacations or emergencies.

Do I need teaching experience?
No. Your enthusiasm, patience and compassion are far more important. Your roles as a tutor are those of a friend and a role model.

What age are the children?
The program is designed for children in kindergarten through fourth grade, a critical period for developing reading and language skills.

Where and when will I tutor?
You may choose one of our participating schools where you prefer to tutor. Your school district coordinator will help you find a time during the school day for your weekly tutoring sessions. Learn more about about OASIS Tutoring opportunities in your area.

What training will I receive?
Tutors complete an extensive training  program based on a proven six-part plan of activities. You’ll learn ways to draw out the child’s experiences and create simple stories that form the basis for reading activities. You may also attend monthly tutor meetings for continued training and the chance to share your successes and challenges with other tutors.

Tutor Power is our free online library of fun activities to get kids excited about reading. You must sign in to MyOASIS to access the library. Download our Tutor Power Guide

"If you can read, you’re qualified to be an OASIS Tutor," says Philip White, who recruits volunteers for the Tutoring program. Read more about Philip and his ally, Martha Hurley, and their often unique methods of enlisting more volunteers to help kids.

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