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Evacuated in a boxcar from war-ravaged Sudentland in 1946, Christa Morgan and her family settled near Bechhofen, West Germany. Christa attended school until economics forced her to take a job in a brush factory. Through 11 hour days, six days a week, Christa attached handles to brushes as she gazed at a wall calendar filled with photographs of American landmarks, dreaming of the day when she would travel to those beautiful places. Her dream came true in 1960 after she met an American soldier, fell in love, and began a new life in the United States.

Christa was among the OASIS members in Albany, Albuquerque, Hyattsville and Los Angeles who have participated in the "Tell Us Your Story" classes at OASIS. Some of their stories are now published on the Ellis Island website.

You can post your own story on the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation website. You'll find great resources there to help, including:

  • a genealogy learning center with information about how to get started researching your family history
  • a sophisticated passenger search capability for passenger arrivals between 1892 and 1924
  • a list of ethnicity categories phrased in the manner of the time period that might help identify individuals
  • a thorough history of Ellis Island, a timeline and a photo album

Click here for more genealogy resources.

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