Introduction to the Internet: New course update published

Course includes expanded coverage of online activities and devices

Author: Ken/Thursday, June 05, 2014/Categories: Course updates

Introduction to the Internet v2.2 is now available for Connections partners. This course represents a big change from the older course, reflecting the exlosion in online interests and the need for continuing education relating to fraud and phishing hazards.
The course is designed as a traditional Connections six-session course. It begins with an introduction to the Internet, browsers, and search engines, and devotes two sessions to recognizing and avoiding online fraud (the Safety First: Privacy and Safety Online course.) The remaining sessions are designed to introduce the student to the incredible variety of sites for entertainment, learning, health and fitness, and social media.
Hope you like it! Drop me a line with comments or feedback.
Note to current instructors, this course no longer contains the section on email.

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