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National headquarters in St. Louis:

The Oasis Institute

11780 Borman Drive, St. Louis, MO  63146    Map

Phone: (314) 862-2933     Fax:     (314) 862-2149


National Oasis Staff

Paul Weiss, President  email

Communications and Technology

Janice Branham, Director of Communications and Technology  email

Anne Heinrich National Marketing and Communications Manager  email

Amy VanDeVelde, Technology Program Manager  email

Jeremy Wagner, Information Technology Manager  email

Ron Wisdom, Technology Coordinator  email


Lyndsey Reichardt, Development Director - Oasis Network email

Greg Lukeman, Development Director - St. Louis email



Dawn E. Anderson, Director of Finance and Administration  email

Toni Fox, Accounting Supervisor  email

Kim Berndt, Grant Accountant  email

Amy Fox, Accounting Specialist email



Sarah Lovegreen, National Health Director  email

Michele Dinman, National Health Coordinator  email

Emir Kandzetovic, Community Health Coordinator  email

Sara Paige, Community Health Coordinator email

Juliet Simone, Community Health Manager  email



Jeanne Foster, National Tutoring Manager  email

Mary Click, St. Louis Tutoring Manager  email

Elizabeth Pawloski, RSVP Manager  email