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Annual Report 2017:

With Oasis, growing older is all about growing.


Oasis encourages older adults to make learning a part of their lives every day, to pursue healthy living and identify themselves as change agents in their communities.

Thousands of curious and enthusiastic adults across the country are turning to Oasis as a resource and source of inspiration for improving the quality of their lives as they grow older. Their stories of renewed learning, purpose and connection are at the heart of Oasis.

Join us as we celebrate the way they embrace the growing part of growing older with Oasis.




From the President

Sally Coleman just wrapped up her first year as an Oasis tutor. When she discovered that Oasis also offers a wide variety of lifelong learning classes, she signed up right away. 

At 77, she’s looking ahead with hope and excitement. 

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From the Chairman 

Oasis has always encouraged older adults to look more closely at the growing part of growing older.

I’m excited as chair of the Oasis Institute Board to report that as a national organization, we’re poised for growth that will lead to greater impact.

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Being the right person for the job

“Being around young people keeps my outlook and my attitude young,” says Indianapolis Oasis tutor Jerry Swinehart, who was identified as the right man for the job when a second grader named Scott needed him. Now Scott has finished high school, and Jerry? He’s still tutoring.
Read more about Jerry and Scott, other committed tutors and how Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring leads to bonds that last a lifetime.

Keeping up with a fast-paced world

Abrehet Yihdego was relying on family to show her how to use her iPhone, but that wasn’t always convenient. Thanks to Oasis Connections, she and other older adults across the country are a lot more confident using technology as a tool to stay independent and adventurous.
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Moving together for better health

At San Diego Oasis, Ed Griffith leads Soul Line Dance classes packed with joyful dancers who report weight loss, as well as improvements in their memory and endurance, but it’s the camaraderie that keeps them coming back. “They love being around each other and encouraging each other,” says Ed.
Read more about how Oasis provides a number of ways to keep moving for better health and a sense of community.

Giving the gift of Oasis

“Learning new things is like a care package for both body and mind,” says Elinor Spring-Mills, whose experiences at Upstate Oasis have been so positive that she’s taken a generous step forward to ensure that others can have access to Oasis programs.
Read about the educational endowment fund she established and the stories of other donors committed to ensuring a lasting legacy with Oasis.

Financial statements

Financial Statements

See our financial statements and past reports.

Stimulating classes, friendships

“We realized early on that we were coming to the same classes,” says Elizabeth Stem, who met her friend, Becca Soutar, by taking so many classes at Washington Metropolitan Oasis. Elizabeth has taken 1,042 classes and Becca, a whopping 770, since the two met nine years ago. They both love exploring history, geography, music and local politics.
Find out how lifelong learning is at the heart of Oasis programming across the country.

Exciting changes in Los Angeles!

In 2017, WISE & Healthy Aging became the sponsoring organization for Pacific Region Oasis. Programs are now offered under a new name, Los Angeles Oasis. WISE & Healthy Aging, a social services organization headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, has been serving older adults for more than four decades.
Find out more about this exciting new partnership!

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